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Nathan Marsh

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Nate began his broadcast career in NYC at CBS Sports designing content for productions like that of the NCAA Football & Basketball and the NFL Today Show, while also running a documentary film company, InspiredMind Films and designing multiple forms of content for the production house Anomaly Communications. After several years he moved to Los Angeles where he was employed as a VizRT Artist at Reality Check Studios and worked on projects for ESPN’s NFL Monday Night Football, DirectTV’s Mix Channels and The Weather Channel. He then relocated to Sydney to fill a senior design role at Zspace running VizRT projects for the AFL, Swimming Australia, Fox Sports and CCTV China. He established Girraphic with his business partner, Craig Hamel in 2012 and the rest is history in the making.

Craig Hamel

Co-Founder | Operations Director

Craig has been working in the broadcast graphics industry for over fifteen years. He started his career as a support engineer with Australian broadcast equipment re-seller Amtech, working directly with the technical departments of their suppliers including JVC and VizRT. In 2006 Craig took an opportunity to learn realtime graphics production as operations manager of Zspace's live graphics department, managing projects for major networks in both Australia and China including AFL Grand Finals and world university games. In need of a new challenge Craig founded Girraphic with business partner Nathan Marsh to create a world leading graphics provider to help their clients take graphics production to the next level.


Stephen Maré

General Manager Australia

Stephen has been working in the Broadcast industry since 2004, after graduating University with a degree in Audio-Visual Production Management. He built up his experience by holding various roles across the Globe from South Africa to New Zealand, seamlessly integrating VizRT solutions into complex aspects of Broadcast Graphic workflows. In 2013 he was presented with an excellent opportunity in Sydney, Australia where he continued to expand his VizRT expertise. Future projects forecast a heavy integration of virtual and augmented reality graphics into the Australian and International market.

Grant Werle

General Manager USA

Grant brings with him more than fifteen years’ experience in broadcast technologies. Werle is an expert in developing real-time graphic template suites utilizing the VizRT platform and streamlining workflow for studio and remote productions. Most recently, Grant served as the Real-Time Department Manager at Reality Check Systems in Los Angeles, where he produced packages for large scale events including sport championships, elections, and network premieres on NBC, CBS, FOX, SKY, DIRECTV and ESPN amongst others. Prior to that, he worked as a Senior VizRT Artist, operator and support technician at CBS Sports, NYC.


Graciela Olivares

Art Director

Graciela is Girraphic’s version of a Swiss Army knife. Her creative prowess is only outdone by her ability to build, implement and program VizRT graphic packages of any type. She came to us from network Canal13 in Chile and has extensive experience in sports projects from her time there. Previous to her position there she gained extensive news experience at CNN and TeleSUR TV, both 24/7 news networks in South America. She has in-depth knowledge of a multitude of VizRT products, Cinema4D, the Adobe Production Suite and PF Track. She is one of the rare talents who is very capable of taking an idea from
napkin sketch all the way to on-air data-driven product entirely on her own.

Thomas Evans

Senior Engineer

He comes to us from the United Kingdom and has taken over the role of Senior Technician and Engineer for sports productions. Evans has an extensive history in the broadcast industry on the technology front, most recently handling the engineering duties for the image based tracking company, Ncam. We had the pleasure of working with him on several occasions over the past few years and were excited to make him a permanent addition to our team after hearing of his decision to move to Melbourne. His tenacity as a solutions expert is one of his most refreshing qualities. If there’s a technical problem of any kind, Tom is absolutely the detective you want on the case.

Gustavo Ide

LATAM Director of Business Development

Gustavo joins the Girraphic team with over 14 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. Highly innovative, Gustavo has previously implemented VizRT Graphics for a host of sporting events, music festivals, elections and virtual sets. Now part of the Girraphic Team, Gustavo looks forward to extending our global reach into South America.

Carlos Norero

Senior VizRT Artist

Carlos arrives at Girraphic with more than 10 years of experience in the production of on air and augmented reality graphics. Throughout his career, Carlos has taken clients' ideas from concept through to live broadcast in News, Sports, and Elections. Carlos is a well rounded designer, who's experience in design is highly complemented by his coding capabilities, ensuring database integration for custom Girraphic applications is second to none. 



Aaron Thomas

VizRT Artist

Aaron is an exceptional Viz artist who has a background in graphic and motion design. He shares a passion for television and sport, which is amalgamated at Girraphic through various clients. He believes a design will ever only be as good as the next deadline.

Ainslie Daniels

Office Manager

Ainslie comes to Girraphic after training horses for both the live stage and film and television. As well as performing stunts and providing horses for everything from photo shoots to movies, Ainslie has also worked as a features writer and photographer. With even more time on set as a stills photographer, her years of experience have provided her with a unique handle on logistical and production requirements. Always at the ready with a creative solution, Ainslie has also brought to the office her rather impressive interpretive dance skills. 


Stephan Rehfeld

VizRT Broadcast Graphics Specialist

Stephan comes to Girraphic from Germany, bringing with him an array of broadcast and engineering capabilities. Having spent several years working for Swiss Timing, Stephan's affinity for technology is complemented by his well rounded abilities with VizRT. As our Broadcast Graphics Specialist, Stephan brings to Girraphic plenty of live production experience, that includes the Commonwealth Games, and both Summer and Winter Olympics. 

Gabriel Maher

Jnr VizRT Artist

Currently completing a bachelor of Digital Media, Gabriel comes to Girraphic with a keen interest and background in Motion Design. When he's not skateboarding down Mount Panorama in the Newtons Nation race, Gabriel is looking forward to further developing his VizRT skills, and immersing himself in the world of broadcast graphics. Already a reliable member of the Girraphic Team, Gabriel's creativity is one we can't wait to unleash. 

Kristian Shepherd

VizRT Technician

Kristian joined the Girraphic team with more than 6 years experience in video and live event production. His wide-ranging production knowledge and technical savy in the VizRT realm lend themselves well to our team. Kristian manages our virtual integration team and leads up special virtual projects as we develop new technologies for the VR landscape.  

Viola Lyu

吕婷婷 | Head of Business Development - Beijing 中国区业务总监

Viola, our Head of Business Development in Beijing, first joined the team for Tencent's NBA project in 2016 and was instrumental in the facilitation of smooth communication between our English speaking designers and Mandarin speaking clients. She is an experienced business interpreter fluent in English, Chinese and German. She holds a bachelor degree in International Journalism and Communication and a masters degree in Business Interpretation and Translation. Having previously worked at several international forums such as the Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum and Winter Driving Events of Mercedes Benz, Girraphic is proud to utilise her skill set in managing our Chinese interests.

Daniel Kumnick

Senior Editor

Daniel has a depth of knowledge and skill in filming and editing. He brings a great skill set to the team with his quick turnarounds and great storytelling ability to showcase the various Girraphic projects as we continue to roll them out. He also plays a key role in our virtual team for outside broadcasts as part of the setup and calibration teams for our virtual advertising endeavours.

Kory Jones

Senior Creative Consultant

Kory is an Emmy award-winning entrepreneur. During his 13 years at Reality Check Studios, Kory’s creative vision redefined the impact of the power of graphics in live sporting events for Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, NFL Networks, MLB Networks and Sky Italia. Career highlights include creating pre-visualizations for Star Wars Episode 1 and creating graphics for the first stereo 3D broadcast of a NFL game.

Harrison Wieting

Jnr Real Time Artist & Technician

Harrison comes from a highly technical self taught background in high voltage power engineering. After the successful design and construction of solid state tesla coils, Harrison decided to take his technical understanding into the creative world of 3D visual effects and post-production. Before joining the Girraphic team, Harrison began his VFX career as a freelance pixel gypsy with fluent knowledge in software such as Nuke, Maya, and V-ray. Harrison is a natural problem solver with a high passion to push the current technology and methods of virtual content creation to its limits, and to discover new time efficient and cost effective ways to deliver unrivalled quality of content to clients.